International Independent Video Store Day

Most people have heard of ‘Record Store Day’. It started in the US and the idea is that you celebrate record store culture. Or, to get down to it, you go buy records so the stores stay open.

This is pretty much the thinking behind International Independent Video Store Day too, the fifth of which was celebrated this Saturday past (October 17th).


If you’re new to the concept then here’s a couple of FAQs to bring you up to speed:

Did you make that up?

Nope, it’s a thing. It happens all over the world in other video stores, too.

What is the point?

To celebrate video shop culture! While we were super happy to offer double the loyalty stamps with each rental, bulk deals on ex-rental titles, a monster raffle and a bottomless bowl full of chocolates, the general idea behind the day is to celebrate and support your local video shop.

With that in mind, we’d like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of the kindly souls who bought raffle tickets and gave generous tips in addition to rental fees. You keep us open and we appreciate it.

If you didn’t make it down on Saturday, here’s a snapshot or two of what you missed.


Dave and Becca hustle up trade.

IMG_4347 (1)

Dave runs a brief course in ‘customer care’. Smiles all round.

Huge ex-rental sale. Some titles still available in store!

Huge ex-rental sale. Some titles still available in store!