Quizmas is Coming…

Quizmas is coming the quiz host is getting fat,

Please put a pound in the pint glass – not a hat

If you haven’t got a pound, then nothing else will do

If you haven’t got a nothing else then no quiz for you!

Which would be terribly, terribly sad because we have TOTALLY KICK-ASS PRIZES up for grabs! Like awesome Arrow Video movies, Klank beer wrapped in a limited edition Flicks’ t-shirt, random rental vouchers, and other, stuff.

PLUS, we’ve arranged for a very special visit from the Australian Feminist Santa to hand out said prizes. What the frack more could you want? (Don’t answer that, we can’t give you anything more).

So assemble your team – no more than six humans, please (replicants not allowed) – and get down The Steps on Monday night (December 7th). And remember, this is our last one until Feb as we’re taking a not very much needed but convenient hiatus!

What’s a ‘Klank’…?

Entry is £1 per person and rules are subject to the whim of your two quiz masters, Mr Bags and DJ WillSpinz, and the Australian Feminist Santa. 


Film Quiz in the Pub: The Return of DJ WillSpinz

Last month we unleashed the Australian Feminist on you, in DJ WillSpinz’ absence.

This month, HE IS BACK.

Less ideological agenda, more movie trivia – the 20th Century Flicks film quiz in the pub returns!

Sharpen your witticisms, get your pun-tastic team name together and come on down to the Christmas Steps pub on Monday July 6th for a night of good times, perplexing questions, strong Brizzle accents and a whole bar full of beer. See you there, innit.

Film Quiz Poster July

Entry is a pound per person, we don’t allow more than six to a team but otherwise the general gist is beer, questions, revelry. So join us for good nerdy filmic times!