The Mango

Video shop life isn’t only about movies. Sometimes it’s also about mangoes.

Earlier in the week the Shrewsbury Stoner brought a mango to work with him. The mango, at that time, had a simple destiny: it would be eaten. That is, until the Australian Feminist stepped in and queried the ripeness of said mango. And so it was, that the 20th Century Flicks staff battle about a mango began.

IMG_2802 Here’s a picture of the lime-like looking piece of fruit.

IMG_2803 This is its ‘Other’ side.

These pictures were taken on Tuesday. Due to several not-really-heated-but-at-least-comically-high-pitched arguments about whether or not a mango could possibly be ripe inside of such a skin, it was not eaten. It simply sat in the store and waited, as the days of the week wore on.

Then, on Friday, something happened.

IMG_2805 No, it didn’t suddenly change colour.


But someone did write on it with a pen.

And now, here we are. It’s Saturday and the mango is still sitting in the shop, waiting to be eaten. My guess is this: next time the Shrewsbury Stoner and the Australian Feminist work together (that’d be Sunday) the mango will be savagely ripped open and the answer determined once and for all – one sweet, or potentially sour, bite at a time. And then, I guess, we’ll see whether or not it’s true that you should never judge a mango by its cover (skin).

[Ed’s note: meanwhile, in other sensory news, the mango feels ripe, but doesn’t smell ripe. Which of the senses should we trust? Have your say in the comments. Think of this as our gift to you: an equally as time-consuming and inane activity as trying to work out that whole dress malarkey. Only with fruit and people you know.]