Introduction To… BERGMAN!

It’s been a while so we thought we’d best run another Course in the Kino! But this time we we’re doing something a little different…
Do you wish you knew more about Ingmar Bergman? Tired of pretending you’re a Swedish cinephile? 
Tire no more! Join Dr Walsh for our very first’ Introduction To’ course in the Kino!
Saturday Nov 4th and 11th 10am-midday
Introduction To: Ingmar Bergman, with Dr Peter Walsh.

Ingmar Bergman is a colossal name that almost hangs over popular cinema, a name many recognise but only a few dare comment on. Some might even whisper that he’s almost impenetrable, but that’s not the case!

Over fifty years, Bergman shaped not only Swedish cinema and theatre, but also left an indelible mark on what we regard as art-house cinema, and influenced a slew of the century’s most important filmmakers.

Considering the historical and national issues at play in his films, this introductory course will lay out key themes and motifs in Bergman’s work. How do identity and silence intersect, and how might a sense of dry Swedish humour give us a better understanding of how Bergman treats and plays with Death?

Each participant will be asked to take home one of Bergman’s films with a view to discussing it with the group the following week.
Course Structure:
Sat Nov 4th: Introductory lecture – themes, motifs, reading Bergman
Sat Nov 11th: Seminar – group discussion and further study
Fee: £45 full / £40 concession
Email: to book your place*
*spaces are limited to a max of 10 participants. 

Encounters Short Film Festival + A Little Bit at Flicks

Kicking off on Tuesday night, Encounters Short Film Festival is back, now in its 23rd year. We love Encounters at the video shop and we are SUPER EXCITED to announce that there’ll even be a little bit of the festival here at Flicks. 



Perpetual Cinema: From 1pm – 6pm Wednesday through Sunday this week (20th-24th) we’ll have a running loop of short films showing in the Kino and it’s FREE* to attend! 

AVA Festival Archive: A brand new terminal has landed in the shop and it’s been specially jam-packed with Encounters archives so you can enjoy even more Encounters after your screenings. 

*The Kino seats a maximum of 11 people at any one time



We watch a lot of films at Flicks and our eagle eyes love to tell you when we see something remarkable. Having had the absolute pleasure of already seeing Mark Jenkin’s Bronco’s House (2015), I can hand-on-heart swear that this is one screening you won’t want to miss. Shot on a clockwork camera and hand processed in instant coffee – yep, coffee – the film (which will be screening on a stunning new 35mm print) tells the story of a young couple looking for ‘a home’, and all that that implies. Bronco’s House is cloudy and grainy which lends it a beautiful, dream-like realism. Part of Encounters’ Shorts2Features strand, it runs at a unique 44 minutes and filmmaker Mark Jenkin will be present for a Q&A after the screening, hosted by Tara. More info + tickets here. 



UWE_Film: We’ve made a tonne of video shop friends over the years out of talented filmmakers from UWE and we cannot wait to see what the recent graduates have come up with. 

‘Women in Puppetry & Puppet Animation’, Bristol Festival of Puppetry Showcase:   Bristol has earned a brilliant reputation when it comes to puppetry because the talent is real and their spotlight on female views on sexuality, conflict and relationships sounds like a dream programme come true. 

The Final Girls Present: Strange Creatures Body horror or body image? Yes please, we love anything and everything about being grossed out, feeling gross and getting over it in the name of feminism. 

The Final Girls Present: The Final Girls Teenagers, camp counsellors, a masked killer and the eponymous final girl – another all round yes from the team at Flicks, you know we love our horror, and draped in discourse is when it’s at its best. 


These are just a tiny taster of what’s on offer at Encounters this year so check out the full programme here, get your tickets and we’ll see you over the coming days; in the shop and at the cinema – and probably in the bar, too!

And if you can’t wait till Wednesday, you can watch past winners online: