Totes Good Film Quiz: August 3rd

DJ WillSpinz is taking another break (slacker), so the Australian Feminist is going to join Mr Bags for some quizzical times in August!

She has promised to make her questions a little easier – but no less feminist. There will also be a return of Aussie mi Nozzie…

Film Quiz Poster August

The rest is stuff you know – turn up for 7pm, buy yourself a pint, pay a pound per person and answer as best you can. Heckling encouraged if it’s funny but discouraged if mean.


Nicolas Cage Fest: Coming to a Kino Near You

This Scalarama, 20th Century Flicks are bringing the tiniest festival to the tiniest cinema in Bristol. Across three Wednesday nights in September (9th, 16th & 23rd), we (I) intend to screen three Nic Cage movies in the Flicks Kino.


While this means there’ll only be eleven seats available for each screening, it’s also an opportunity for Cage fans across Bristol (there must be at least eleven of us) to get together and revel in the gloriousness of the great, mesmeric man.


There’ll also be a couple of Cage-related competitions: Best Dressed Cage (extra points for efforts to recreate specific film examples of his ever-evolving hairline), Best Cage Impression (you perform it, we decipher the film/era), and a quick round of Cage Trivia. Prizes will take the shape of free rentals, of Nicolas Cage movies. Attendees will be encouraged to enthuse about Cage in what I promise to provide as a safe environment.

But, before we (I) get too carried away with the fun stuff, it might be a good idea to think about the limitations of only showing three NC films. It’s tough to select just three from the man’s vast and impressive filmography. And it is nigh impossible to showcase every era of his hairline in just three sittings.

Still, in the interests of best pleasing those likely to attend (someone will join me, right?), I’d like to take a wee poll on which films you’d be most keen to pay money to come see.


Program 1: Cagey in Love

Wild at Heart

Raising Arizona


Program 2: Caged Animal

Con Air



Program 3: A Cage of crippling debts

Drive Angry

The Wickerman

If you have preferences from each of the cagetories, lemme know in the comments section below.

Until September…